How to Clean Eyeglasses With Anti-Glare Lenses

Anti-glare eyeglass lenses have a special coating that can be damaged by ordinary cleaners. You should never use soap, hot water or an alcohol-based cleaner to clean anti-glare lenses. Anti-glare lenses can become greasy and dirty easier than lenses without anti-glare and require the use of special cleaning methods.


Things You’ll Need:
IKlear cleaning solution
Microfiber cloth

1 Spray a non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol-free cleaning solution, such as iKlear, on the front and back of your lenses. iKlear is safe to use on anti-glare lenses and Apple computer screens.

2 Rub the iKlear into the lenses with a microfiber cloth, which is soft and will not scratch the lenses.

3 Keep the microfiber cloth clean. Dirt particles that collect in the cloth can scratch the lenses. Hand wash the cloth with a mild detergent. Let the cloth air dry.

4 Hold your glasses up to the light to make sure the lenses are completely clean. Repeat the process, if there are still grease marks on the lenses.