How to Reshape Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses may become bent for a number of reasons. People drop them, accidentally sit on them, unintentionally fall asleep with them on and roll over on them, or children get hold of them. Whatever the case, there are ways to fix bent eyeglasses. The safest route is to take them to a professional for repairing, but they can easily be fixed at home as well with careful tending.


Things You’ll Need:
Pliers with plastic-covered tips
Microfiber cloth
Oven mitt

Reshaping Metal Eyeglasses
1 Place the eyeglasses upon a tabletop or other flat surface with the side that needs to be bent down facing upward.

2 Cover the eyeglasses with a microfiber cloth to prevent them from becoming scratched or damaged in the reshaping process.

3 Grip the eyeglasses with the pliers atop the cloth.

4 Ease the eyeglasses gently back into shape by carefully using the pliers to push them downward, bending them back in place.

5 Remove the cloth to see if the eyeglasses need to be straightened more, and repeat the process if necessary.

Reshaping Plastic Eyeglasses
1 Fill a pot with water and place it atop the stove top on the highest heat setting to bring it to a boil.

2 Hold the eyeglasses above the pot in the hot steam rising from the boiling water. Wear an oven mitt to prevent burning your hand.

3 Submit the eyeglasses to the hot steam for about 30 seconds. The eyeglasses should be submitted to enough heat to allow for molding of the plastic, but not enough to melt the plastic. A slight steam will provide them with the needed heat to gently straighten them.

4 Remove the eyeglasses from the steam, and dry them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.

5 Bend the eyeglasses gently back to their proper shape while they are still warm. Examine the eyeglasses, and repeat the process if necessary.

Tips & Warnings
Place the eyeglasses upon a flat surface to determine which side needs to be bent if it is unclear.
Do not apply too much pressure or use quick, jerky movements when reshaping eyeglasses. Broken eyeglasses are much more expensive to repair than bent ones..