How to Glue Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Plastic eyeglass frames are durable and less difficult to break than glass eyewear. However, mistakenly leave them in an unexpected place and they can become crushed when sat upon or handled roughly. The great thing about plastic material is that it will take and adhere to glue, so it is simple to fix favorite plastic eyewear without having to spend extra cash to replace them.


Things You’ll Need:
Soap and water
Paper towel
Pair of plastic gloves
“Super glue”

1 Clean the plastic eyeglass frames with soap and water and wipe with a paper towel to remove excess debris that will prevent adhesion.

2 Pull on plastic gloves and clear a space to work with your eyeglass frames.

3 Remove the cap of the “super glue.” (There are many different brands of “super glue” available.) Puncture the inside foil with the opposite end of the cap (the sharp tip).

4 Squeeze a small amount of the glue onto one side of the surface of the broken plastic frames.

5 Join the piece with the glue directly to the broken conjoining part and press strongly together for 30 seconds.

6 Remove excess glue by wiping with a Q-tip.

7 Leave frames to dry for a few hours in a safe place.

Tips & Warnings
Avoid handling super glue with bare hands as the glue will fasten strongly to your fingers and hands.
If you get super glue on yourself, use soap and water first to remove. Then try a foot pumice tool to scrape off the dried glue.
Super glue is toxic. Do not leave it lying around for children or pets to come across.
Make sure to seal the super glue cap tight after use. It will dry out if left open..