How to Repair Bvlgari Eyeglasses

It doesn’t matter how strong or flexible your eyeglass frames are, or how well you look after them — accidents will happen. Glasses that are dropped, banged or pressed will be damaged. While Bvlgari eyeglasses are designed to withstand pressure, they can only take so much abuse before needing to be repaired. If your Bvlgari eyeglasses are damaged, they can be fixed at home without a professional or a replacement.


Things You’ll Need:
Eyeglass repair kit
Needle nose pliers
Epoxy glue
Masking tape

1 Screw a replacement screw from your eyeglass repair kit using a miniature screwdriver from the kit. All missing or loose screws can be tightened or replaced in this way. Optometrists often have replacement screws available for this kind of repair. If you do not have a replacement screw, you can straighten out a paperclip, slide it through the screw hole and bend one end up and around the other to keep the arm in place.

2 Grasp the frame in one hand and carefully and slowly bend the Bvlgari wire frame’s arm back into place using needle nose pliers for frames that have been bent or warped. Do this very slowly and carefully to avoid breaking the frame.

3 Heat a plastic Bvlgari frame using a hairdryer or warm water until the plastic is easy to adjust. Unlike metal frames, plastic frames must be heated before adjustment. Slowly bend the plastic arm or bridge back into place using your fingers for a warped plastic frame. Hold it in place until the plastic cools down to keep it in this shape.

4 Apply epoxy glue to broken spring hinges or plastic arm pieces. Plastic frames often have a metal skeleton running through the arms. If the plastic in the arm piece snaps, you can reapply it and glue it in place. Apply epoxy to the broken plastic piece and slide it back into place on the metal wire. hinges can also be glued back into place using epoxy. Apply masking tape around the hinge or arm until the epoxy has dried.