How to Remove Protective Coating From Eyeglasses

Protective coating is placed on the lenses or eyeglasses so that glare is reduced. There is also protective coating to prevent scratches and to cut down on light emitted from computer monitors. After some wear and tear, this layer of protective coating begins to peel off, which can cause obstructions to clear vision. If you are experiencing this problem with your eyewear, it is possible to remove the coating yourself with the help of the product Armour Etch.


Things You’ll Need:
Armour Etch
Cotton swabs
Nonabrasive towel

1 Apply a thick coat of Armour Etch on both sides of the eye lenses with a cotton swab.

2 Allow the Armour Etch to set on the eye lenses for five minutes at least.

3 Rinse the eye lenses with warm soap water. Do not rub the Armour Etch into the lenses; this is unnecessary and it might damage the lens itself.

4 Thoroughly rinse the lenses with clear, warm water under a running faucet until the entire Armour Etch residue is removed.

5 Blot the eye lenses with a dry, nonabrasive towel until dry. The protective coating should now be removed.

Tips & Warnings
Use this method for plastic lenses only, not lenses made of glass.