How to Repaint Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass paint can wear off over time. This can cause your eyeglasses to look unfashionable and old. If you own a pair of designer glasses or glasses that you simply want to use for a long time, repainting them is a cost-effective way of making them look brand new again. By following all the steps below, you can easily repaint the color of your eyeglass frames.


Things You’ll Need:
Mild detergent
Model paint
Small paint brush

1 Purchase a small paint brush and a small bottle of model paint used for painting miniature models such as planes and cars. You can find these items at any toy store or hobby shop.

2 Wash your glasses with a mild detergent and dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth to prepare the frames for painting. After washing, wear a pair of surgical gloves or cotton gloves to protect your frames from moisture or skin oils. Wearing gloves also will protect you from getting paint all over your hands.

3 Cover your eyeglass lenses and nose pads thoroughly with plastic cling wrap. Make sure to cover both sides of each lens. Avoid covering parts of the frames you plan to repaint. Use small pocket scissors to precisely cut around the cling wrap so it can curve around your lenses and not stick out.

4 Apply a thin coat of model paint on your eyeglass frames. Start by painting the ear piece and slowly work your way to the rims, bar and bridge. Put a clear container over your glasses to protect them from dust and let them dry overnight. Then, remove the glasses from the container and peel off all the cling wrap.