How to Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Scratches

Eyeglasses are not cheap, at least the good types. They have some that are flexible and more durable than others. Whatever type that you have, you want to make sure that you keep them in the best condition, so here are some easy ways to keep them that way.


Things You’ll Need:
Proper maintenance

1 Wearing eyeglasses is not something that anyone really wants to do. Sometimes because of health issues with the eyes, some people have to wear eyeglasses. When choosing your eyeglasses, if you want the best type, you have to put a lot of thought in it. This means trying on different frames, to get the right fit for your facial structure. After going through all of this, you would most definitely want to prevent them from scratches.

2 To prevent your eyeglasses from scratches, when you are not wearing them, keep them in an eyeglass case. Never leave them laying around on the table or other unsafe places. There is much more possibilities of them getting scratched this way. If you have to lay them down for a short while, avoid laying them with the lenses facing downwards.

3 Eyeglasses have to be kept clean after wearing them constantly. Some people make the mistake of cleaning them with anything that they can find. Certain things such as paper towels should not be used to clean your eyeglasses. When you first buy your eyeglasses, you may have gotten a soft material, which is required for cleaning your eyeglasses. If you don’t have that piece of cloth, you can improvise your own cleaning material. Always clean with a soft cotton cloth, preferably lint-free.

4 There are times when you may see little sticky marks on your eyeglasses. If you notice any marks at all on your eyeglasses, do not use your fingernails to pick or try to scrape it off. Instead of doing that, use lukewarm water and a mild soap to clean it.

Tips & Warnings
Always wash and store the cloth that you use to clean your eyeglasses, occasionally.