How to Clean Plastic Eyeglasses

Most people who wear eyeglasses have experienced the annoyance of an oily fingerprint or smudge in the center of the lens. While quickly wiping the spot away with a handy paper towel or the bottom of your shirt is tempting, it could scratch your lenses. Instead of reaching for a quick fix, extend the life of your plastic eyeglasses and remove any smudges from your line of sight with proper cleaning.


Things You’ll Need:
Warm water
Liquid soap
Glass cleaner
Lint-free cloth

1 Wet the plastic eyeglass with warm water.

2 Apply a small amount of mild liquid soap to the eyeglasses frame and both sides of the lenses, or spray on a glass cleaner containing ammonia.

3 Rub the soap or cleaner gently onto the plastic eyeglasses to remove any visible dirt or oil.

4 Rinse the plastic lenses under running water to remove the soap or cleaner.

5 Dry the eyeglasses with a soft tissue or a lint-free cloth.

Tips & Warnings
You can also use cleaners specifically designed for cleaning plastic eyeglass lenses rather than liquid soap or glass cleaner..Avoid using a rough towel on the lenses of your plastic eyeglasses, as it may leave behind scratches.