How to DIY and Fix Your Own Eyeglass Frames

Whether you have plastic, metal or rimless eyeglasses, sometimes it is easier to fix them at home yourself instead of having to go to the optometrist’s office. Often, all the glasses need is a few adjustments that can be taken care of with a pair of needle-nose pliers, a Phillips-head screwdriver or your own hands.


Things You’ll Need:
Needle-nose pliers
Phillips screwdriver

Repairing Bent Temples
1 Lay your eyeglasses down onto a level surface to see how they need to be adjusted and how they are off balance.

2 Use your needle-nose pliers to gently clamp and pinch the corner of the frames. The corner is where the arm meets the frame.

3 Use your needle-nose pliers to bend the frame gently. Bend it slightly downward or upward, depending on what they need.

Repairing Popped-Out Lenses
1 Hold the lens firmly in one hand, but don’t squeeze them. Avoid using any tool to hold the lens because the tool might damage or scratch the lens beyond repair.

2 Place your lens into the frame, making sure you place it facing in the right direction and not upside down.

3 Squeeze the edges of the lens into the frame with your finger pads on both hands. If you have plastic or wire frames, the lens usually pops in with a little bit of pressure. If you have rimless glasses, you should gently pull the clear line (small plastic cord) around the edge of your lens. Be careful to place it into the carved groove along the edge of your lens. If the clear line fits loosely, use your Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the screw holding the line.

Repairing Bent Earpieces
1 Hold your eyeglasses frame with your hand before the curve of the earpiece. Gently bend it toward the frame or away from it.

2 Straighten the curve of your earpiece if you feel that it’s bent too much and causes pain at the back of your ears.

3 Curve your earpiece if you feel it’s too straight and won’t sit securely enough on your ears.

Repairing Bent Nose Pads
1 Twist your nose pads inward with your needle-nose pliers if the pads are too wide and low.

2 Twist your nose pads outward with you needle-nose pliers if the pads are too high and narrow.

3 Twist your nose pads downward or upward if they sit on your face uncomfortably.