How to Remove Krazy Glue From Eyeglass Lenses

Krazy Glue is a strong adhesive. When it gets stuck to your eyeglasses, it can be removed using acetone or an acetone-based product. However, the longer the glue sits on the lenses, the longer it has to bond and the more difficult it will be to remove. If it has been sitting for a long time, it may take several attempts to remove. Additionally, if your lenses are coated with anything, such as an anti-glare coating, you may remove the coating as you attempt to remove the Krazy Glue.


Things You’ll Need:
Cotton ball or cotton cloth
Acetone or nail polish remover
Eyeglass lens cleaner
Microfiber cloth

1 Soak a cotton ball or cloth in acetone or an acetone-based nail polish remover. If you have plastic eyeglass lenses, use nitromethane in lieu of acetone. Acetone may make the plastic cloudy.

2 Rub the cotton ball over the Krazy Glue. Continue rubbing until the glue is removed.

3 Fill a bowl or a deep plate with enough acetone or nitromethane to submerge the eyeglass lenses. Place the eyeglasses face down in the liquid. Allow them to soak in the bowl, checking the lens for Krazy glue removal every 10 minutes. Only do this if the Krazy Glue is not removed using a cotton swab or cloth. This may cause discoloration to the eyeglass frames

4 Dampen a soft cloth in cool water. Wipe away all of the acetone or nithromethane residue. Clean the lenses with an eyeglass lens cleaner. Dry the lenses with a soft, microfiber cloth.

Tips & Warnings
Nitromethane is a product that is commonly found at specialty hobby stores, such as model car or train stores. If you are unable to find the product, look at de-bonder products. The main ingredient is commonly nitromethane.