How to Remove Scratches From Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglasses are an expensive investment. Over time, scratches will happen from wear and tear. Whether you have scratch-resistant material on your lenses or they’re made of glass, scratches are inevitable. But this doesn’t mean you have to discard them and purchase new ones, even if the scratches are obstructing your vision. They can be repaired using everyday items in your home. However, the methods mentioned in this article may not work for deeply embedded scratches.


Things You’ll Need:
Baking soda
Cotton or wool cloths
Mild soap
Lemon Pledge
Brass or silver polish

1 Clean the glasses with eyeglass cleaner. If you don’t have eyeglass cleaner, run warm water over the front and back of the lenses. Take some mild soap and wipe the lenses using a soft cloth. Rinse off the soap and repeat if necessary.

2 Add a little toothpaste to a cotton or soft, wool cloth and gently buff the lenses. You should use plain toothpaste without any crystals or anything abrasive, which could further scratch the lenses. Rub quickly using small circles for 10 seconds. Rinse off the lenses with cold water and dry them using a soft cloth. Repeat if necessary.

3 Use baking soda to remove scratches embedded on glasses that have an anti-scratch coating. This will help you get to the scratch by removing the anti-scratch coating. Mix baking soda and water together to make a thick paste. Apply the paste using a soft or wool cloth. Rub it gently into the lens using small circular motions. Rinse the lenses with warm water and wipe it dry. Repeat these steps if necessary.

4 Apply brass or silver polish to remove scratches from plastic lenses. This should not be used on glass lenses. Apply the polish with a cotton cloth and buff for several minutes. Use a clean cloth to remove any excess polish from the eyeglasses. Rinsing isn’t necessary.

Tips & Warnings
Store your eyeglasses in a sturdy, cushioned eyeglass case.
Clean lenses every day with eyeglass cleaner or soapy water.
Do not clean with soaps containing antibacterial products or hand creams.
Never place your glasses in a pocket or purse without a protective covering.
Never use facial tissues or paper towels to clean lenses. These products will scratch the lenses.