How to Select and Size Eyeglasses

Choosing eye glasses is a very important decision. Glasses are something that you will either be wearing all of the time or one in which you will wear regularly for reading. No matter what the use glasses should complement the shape of your face, skin tone, and be sized appropriately. A few simple steps will allow you to look good and see well.


1 The first thing to do is look into a mirror and determine the shape of your face.

2 – If you have a Square shaped face choose frames that will soften the angles of the face. Frames that are oval in nature will compliment this face shape.

– If you have a Round face choose narrow, wide glass such as rectangles. Frames should be as wide or wider than your face. This frame shape will lengthen the face and not make the head seem overly large.

– If you have an Oval shaped face select frames that are as wide as your face. Glasses that are thinner than you overall face width will make the face and head look out of proportion with your body and off balanced.

3 Consider the color of the frames. The most important consideration for color is your skin tone. While eye color should be considered, skin tone is most important. Do not choose colors that go unnaturally with your natural skin tone. Also consider the make-up that you most wear. Just like make-up should compliment your skin tone, so should the color of your frames.

4 Consider the placement of your eyes in the glasses. Preferably you want your eyes to be centered in the lenses.

5 Make sure that the temples of the frames are long enough to reach to the ear. If considering something that is a traditional non-athletic fit, make sure that the temples are long enough for the optician to curve the ends down and around the ears.

Tips & Warnings
Many people are concerned with the fit and comfort of the frames when choosing. Do not be concerned with this as frames in stores are not adjusted to you while selecting on the self. Most frames will be able to be adjusted by your optician allowing for a very comfortable and customized fit..