How to Repair an Earpiece on Eyeglasses

Many problems with eyeglasses can be repaired with a simple repair kit, however repairing or reattaching an ear piece may be more complicated than that. Glasses are an expensive proposition; frames can cost well into triple digits and lenses have to be custom made. Accidentally sitting on them and snapping an earpiece could scare someone into buying a new pair, but that’s not necessary. A simple repair will make your glasses whole again, if not necessarily as good as new.


Things You’ll Need:
Soldering iron

1 Heat the soldering iron for about 10 minutes.

2 Press the earpiece back against the frame as tightly as possible. Attempt to align the break exactly in place, like a puzzle piece.

3 Have an assistant touch the solder to the iron and drip the liquid metal over top of the break. Cover the break on all sides with the liquid metal. Attempt to leave as little extra as possible, as it will leave a bulge on the frame.

4 It only takes maybe an hour or so for the metal to cool, however since eyeglasses receive much wear and tear, you should allow a longer frame of time before using.

Tips & Warnings
Be careful with your soldering iron. This is a piece of equipment hot enough to liquefy metal with just a touch. Ensure you have no children or pets nearby, and only touch the plastic handle when using it. It will also take a while to cool, much like a curling iron or clothes iron after use; ensure that you leave it in a safe place.