How to Determine When to Adjust the Earpiece on Eyeglasses

Each pair of eyeglasses has two earpieces. The earpieces are the curved portions of the frame that go over both of your ears. When wearing eyeglasses, the earpieces should rest comfortably on top of your ears, without digging into your ears or your head. Follow these steps to help you determine when to adjust the earpieces on your eyeglasses.


1 Check if the earpieces on your eyeglasses dig into the tops of your ears. The earpiece on your eyeglasses should never feel like it is digging into your ears. If you feel discomfort, you can either bring the curve of the earpiece in closer to your head to make the earpiece tighter, or make the earpiece curve further back on the glasses by straightening out the frames.

2 See if the earpiece digs into the side of your head. If the earpiece isn’t bent properly, it can dig into the side of your head. If not adjusted to the proper position, an incorrectly bent earpiece can cause sores on the side of your head.

3 Determine if the earpiece bends out away from your head. If this is the case, you may feel as if you have wings behind your ears. You can even often see these wings when you look in a mirror. You will need to have the earpiece adjusted to bring it in closer to your head.

Tips & Warnings
While you can try to adjust the earpiece on your eyeglasses by yourself, it is safest to bring your eyeglasses to a local eyeglasses shop to have them adjusted by a professional. Most shops will adjust eyeglasses for free.
If you do choose to adjust the earpiece on your eyeglasses by yourself, be sure to make only small adjustments at a time. If you aren’t careful or make large adjustments, you may break or damage your eyeglasses.