How to Repair Scratched Plastic Eyeglasses

Removing scratches from plastic lens glasses is a necessity if you hope to save money on repairs normally done by an optician’s lab. Repeated neglect or frequent usage may lead to scratches regardless of how careful you may be in protecting the lens surfaces. If caught and repaired early, this simple process can help extend the overall life of the eyeglasses and limit the number of times you must purchase replacement sets.


Things You’ll Need:
Eyeglass cleaner
Microfiber cloth
CD/DVD repair solution or kit

1 Clean the glasses’ surface to remove all dirt and debris, using a good-quality eyeglass cleaner and microfiber cloth. Make sure the lenses are free of materials that could further scratch the surface during repair.

2 Spray a generous amount of CD/DVD repair solution onto one of the lenses, making sure to thoroughly coat the scratches. This spray is available in repair kits that include cleaning cloths and soft brushes, or alone with only the spray bottle.

3 Buff the surface of the plastic lens with the cloth that came with the repair solution, or a clean section of the microfiber cloth. Try to buff in the same direction as the scratch and back again as this helps fill the damaged area with the solution better than circular buffing. Perform the spray and buffing steps the same with the second lens. Allow the surface to dry completely.

4 Examine the lenses to see how the process worked. The scratches may not be completely gone, depending on the depth of the scratch, but very minor imperfections will disappear easily.

5 Apply more spray and buff the surface until you are satisfied with the results. Lightly buff the entire surface of each lens when finished to clean them.

Tips & Warnings
Keep eyeglasses in a protective case when not using them. This protects the lenses and frames from unnecessary damage.
When temporarily removing the glasses and setting them on a surface, be sure that they always lay face up to protect the lenses.
After repairing with the repair solution, don’t clean the glasses again with eyeglass cleaner as this will remove the compound filling the scratches.
Be careful with eyeglasses that have a non-glare surface. This repair process may remove the non-glare chemical on the surface of the plastic.
Avoid resting eyeglasses on your head when not in use. It is possible for hair, especially hair with sprays or coatings in it, to cause scratches.